It is surprisingly, inflation is down and Ukraine’s economy is growing again. Despite the recent armed conflict, despite continued extensive government corruption, Ukraine is doing better than expected.

Would you like to invest in Ukrainian properties but don’t know how? Worried about risks? You are lucky because we offer a new kind of tours – Property Investment tours to Ukraine.

According to the, the volume of construction in Ukraine rose by 12.5% to UAH 57.5 billion (US$ 2.24 billion) in 2015, according to the State Statistics Service. Residential construction was up by 23.2% to UAH 13.9 billion (US$ 542.6 million), while non-residential construction rose by 10.6% to almost UAH 15 billion (US$ 585.1 million). In the primary market, i.e., newly-built, the average apartment prices also dropped by 2.04% y-o-y to US$ 1,055 per sq. m.. The current average price is 60% lower than June 2008’s peak price of US$ 2,638 per sq. m.

Reasons to buy Real Estate in Ukraine:

  • No capital gains tax on apartments
  • Foreigners can own property
  • Very low property ownership taxes
  • Experts believe that in 2-3 years the prices for purchase and rental of real estate will grow annually again
  • No hidden fees and contributions
  • For this moment price is the lowest because armed conflict in Donbas (600 km from Kyiv, 560 km from Odessa, 1260 km from Lviv)

Make sure that your purchase of property is legally safe and provides English speaking services with us and our trusted partners. We offer tour to the extremely new residential properties in Kyiv (250 sights), Lviv (223 sights) and Odessa (120 sights) as well as 2-5 years old properties starting from US $ 60,000.

Some steps to order our Property Investment tour:

  1. Inform us about your investment interests (residential/commercial property, situation, size, plan of use, distance from the downtown etc.)
  2. We send you our (our partners) offers within 2-5 days
  3. You choose the objects that you liked and pay a small prepayment to ensure their presence during your Property Investment tour
  4. We give you special rates for air tickets, accommodation and other travel services
  5. You join our tour and purchase property with the Realtor and Lawyer assistance
To order a property investment tour, please e-mail us