What do you know about Kyiv? Even if you were born and lived here, the city keeps many secrets and always prepares new surprises and discoveries.

A native Kyivant, Alexander Fainin, co-owner of SunCity Travel LLC, a top expert in the field of tourism and hospitality, the founder of the Ukrainian hostel movement, invites you for a walk to the places where he spent his childhood and youth, where he studied and worked.

Every Sunday we will offer you new two-hour routes and new experiences. You will visit interesting courtyards on Pushkinska and Volodymyrska, walk along Podil and Lypky, see beautiful views from Smorodynsky and Podilsky Descents and hear stories about people, houses and institutions, about how Independence Square looked 40 years ago and what route the tram No. 8 had.

If you love Kyiv, feel its atmosphere and want to get acquainted with unknown corners that are very close, the collection of author’s excursions “Walkings With The Native Kyivant” by Alexander Fainin is for you. Follow the information on our FB page.

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