Ukraine boasts an extensive network of health spas and mineral resorts. All of them make use of the natural resources that surround them, such as thermal mineral springs, healing mud, ozokerite (lake salt water). Reasons for visiting one of these resorts are varied and can range from convalescing from an illness to general health and wellness. Below, see our brief guide to the principal spa resorts of Ukraine.

  • Another area with a large number of spas is the Transcarpathia region. A pleasant climate and clean air combined with a vast network curative mineral springs bring visitors to the resorts of Shayan, Mukachevo, and Polyana.
  • The mountainous district of Lviv Oblast’ and Ivano-Frankivsk offer natural muds in addition to treatment programs based on mineral water. The spas in Truskavets and Skhidnytsya employ salt mineral water in their spas, while in Lyuben Velikiy, Cherche and Nemirov, sulphurous mineral waters and peat muds are the main basis for treatment.
  • The coastal resorts of Odesa Oblast’ including city of Odessa, Zatoka, Koblevo, Skadovsk, Ochakov, and Primorsk are well-known for their varied natural resources used for curative spa programs.
  • The town of Myrhorod is situated in Poltava Oblast’. There are several health resorts in Myrhorod and the vicinity. “Myrhorodska” (or “Mirgorodskaya”) water is rated as “slightly mineralized chloride-natrium water”. It is clear, and tastes a little bit salty. For its unique health curative effects, the “Myrhorodska” water is recommended by doctors for people suffering from gastritis, colitis, and other disorders of the digestive system. 
  • One of the most reputed Ukrainian and European SPA resorts, Khmilnyk is set in the south-west of Vinnytsya.Main treatment factor of the health resort is unique mineral radon water. Its hydro-geological origin and ionic composition has no analogies among popular mineral waters.  Peat mud of the local Voitovetsky deposit is another treatment factor of Khmilnyk resort. Today Khmilnyk is the biggest radon SPA as well as one of the environmentally friendliest cities of Ukraine.
  • Kyiv has a great base for high-quality and low-cost treatment of many diseases. Here are the clinics, which are known not only in Ukraine, but also abroad. Sun City Travel cooperates with several clinics, which have quality of service and outcomes  similar to or better than the world’s best medical institutions. We offer you a list of these clinics:

1). Cardiovascular Surgery: Amosov’s Institute of Cardiovascular Surgery, Kyiv City Heart Center

2). Plastic Surgery: Visit Cosmetic Clinic

3). Cell Therapy: Unique Cell Treatment Clinic

4). Cancer Therapy: Innovacia Cancer Center, Lissod Hospital

5). Stomatology: 32 Dent Clinic

6). Ophthalmology: Excimer Clinic

7). Reproductive medicine: Nadiya Clinic


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