Summer is a good time to visit resorts of Black Sea and Sea of Azov in South of Ukraine. Just choose the most convenient resort for you and make reservation with us.

Black Sea

Most of the north shore of the Black Sea belongs to Ukraine. Here are located important coastal cities like Odessa and Mariupol. Ukraine’s Black Sea coastline begins at the Danube river delta on the Romanian border. Here, in this little-visited corner of Ukraine, is located the Danube Nature Reserve and the curious town of Vilkovo. From here northward there is a string of coastal lakes and, near Odessa, an ancient Greek settlement at Bilhorod-Dnistrovskyy. The port city of Odessa, one of Ukraine’s metropolises with one million inhabitants, rivals Kyiv in terms of tourism and cosmopolitanism. Here foreign tourists will have an unforgettable experience. The most popular Black sea resorts are Zatoka and Koblevo.

Now, turning eastward, the dry Black Sea coast reaches the broad estuary of the Dnipro river, Ukraine’s largest river. Here is the town of Ochakiv, with ancient settlements and fortresses and battles from the Russo-Turkish Wars (here is an encyclopedia article on these wars). The Black Sea coast now heads southeast along the dry steppes of southern Ukraine towards the neck of the Crimean peninsula before turning sharply southwest at the Swan Islands ornithological reserve.

Sea of Azov

The long Sea of Azov coastline is less developed for tourism than the Crimea’s one and is similar to the Black Sea coastline near Odessa. Mostly it’s a “wild” area with desert sandy beaches, lone fishermen and tourists. Beaches on the Azov Sea range from sand to pebbles to mixtures of the two.

But because of the dry, warm summer and sandy beaches, the Azov coast is important for its sanatoriums and holiday resorts. Notable resorts are Primorsk, Berdyansk, and Genichesk.

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