For more than ten years of consulting business activity and almost 30 years of work in public, charitable and commercial organizations, we have created a portfolio that combines different directions and industries. Here are some cases we have worked on over the years:


1993-1994 – Development of the concept of creating Free Economic Zones-InterPorts in Ukraine
1999-2003 – Development of the concept, standards and creation of the hostel movement in Ukraine
2008-2010 – Development of the concept of creating youth tourism infrastructure for Euro-2012 in Ukraine
2009 – Development of the concept of creation of ecological lodges in Ukraine
2012 – Development of the concept of creating a network of EuroCampings in Ukraine and a business plan for a pilot EuroCamping
2018-2019 – National project “Tourist clusters 300+”
2019 – Development of the Roadmap for the development of tourism in Ukraine
2020-2021 – Comprehensive development of the tourist destination of the Azov region (Tourism development road map, tourist brand, DMO, promotion and smart specialization, tourism development concept for individual cities)
2021-2022 – Comprehensive development of tourism projects of associations of Ukrainian communities


Our portfolio also includes cases for hotels, restaurants, travel companies, online services, charitable foundations, clinics, banking services, gas stations, etc. We created and led several projects and startups in Ukraine, the Netherlands and Israel. We also worked in various projects in Australia, Brazil, Bulgaria, Cyprus, Croatia, the Czech Republic, Germany, Hong Kong, Kazakhstan, Moldova, Poland, China, South Africa, Thailand, Turkey and the USA. We cooperated with Expedia, HostelWorld, Reikartz hotel chain, American Distribution Committee Joint, EBRD, USAID, GIZ and others.


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