Top 10 Waterparks of Ukraine

One of the most popular holiday destinations for tourists and residents is a water park. Back in the 90s Ukrainians had to go abroad in order to get to the water park. First water park in Ukraine appeared in 2001 in Simeiz. There are water parks in many cities of our country now, and some of them hit European records. SunCity Travel LLC  offers top 10 best water parks in Ukraine:

1. Treasure Island – Ostrov Sokrovisch (Kyrylivka, Zaporizhska Oblast)


The Ukraine’s largest entertainment center for children and adults “Treasure Island” was opened in Kyrylivka. This is one of the largest water parks in Eastern Europe, and certainly – the largest in Ukraine! Waterpark receives more than 3,000 visitors simultaneously.

Type – outdoor
Area  60,000 sq.m
Quontity of attractions: 34
Surface area of water of basins – 6120.5 sq.m.

2. Cape of Good Hope – Mys Dobroi Nadezhdy (Berdyansk)


Waterpark “Cape of Good Hope” in Berdyansk is structured so that its guests moving around the area can visit all parts of the water park without passing twice over the same territory. The general style of water park “Cape of Good Hope” is conceived as an ancient castle with amazing exotic plants and many beautiful pools …

Type – outdoor
Area  50,000 sq.m
Quontity of attractions: 31

3. Jungle (Kharkiv)


Waterpark in Kharkiv has interior which stylized to tropical South America, and made ​​it really very believable and qualitatively. The decor has waterfalls, streams, pyramids, tropical vegetation. Even the climate control system precisely recreates the atmosphere of the tropics.

Type – indoor
Area  11,000 sq.m
Quontity of attractions: 11

4. Koblevo (Koblevo)


Famous Black Sea resort Koblevo is situated 40 km from Odessa and 70 km from Nikolaev. Koblevo is known not only for beaches and fine quality wine: in summer 2007 one of the largest water parks in Ukraine – Waterpark “Koblevo” was opened…

Type – outdoor
Quontity of attractions: 16

5. Attica (Ochakiv)


Poseidon wanted to combine into one fun rides and attractions with the romance of water expanses. And lo! The unique beauty of nature, the excellent service, the lapping waves and unforgettable – it’s all available for the entire summer in the water park “Attica”. Waterpark “Attica” in Ochakiv designed in Greek style. Landscape design and architecture inspired by the myths of ancient Greece. Waterpark can take up to 700 people at a time.

Type – outdoor
Quontity of attractions: 10

6. Dream Island (Kyiv)


«Dream Island» is the largest water park in Kyiv and one of the biggest indoor water parks in Europe. It is impressive not only for its sheer size, but also a unique design concept. «Dream Island» has the style of the Lost World, where among prehistoric animals and wild plants located island with blue lagoons, aquariums with exotic inhabitants. Its name justifies place – an island where dreams come true.

Type – indoor
Area  24,000 sq.m.
Quontity of attractions: 25

7. Limpopo (Ternopil)


“Limpopo” is an indoor water park in the city of Ternopil, is part of the hotel entertainment and recreation complex “Alligator”. Aquapark “Limpopo” has an area of ​​more than 4000 sq.m and is able to simultaneously accommodate about 400 visitors. Definitely it’s one of the best places in western Ukraine for water recreation and entertainment …

Type – indoor
Area  4,200 sq.m.
Quontity of attractions: 10

8. The Beach – Plyazh (Lviv)


Indoor Waterpark “The Beach” in Lviv is one of the largest complexes of its kind in Ukraine. Works since August 2008. The Waterpark created on the basis of water sports Complex, built in 1985. Waterpark “The Beach” combines entertainment, sports and recreation.

Type – indoor
Area  14,000 sq.m.
Quontity of attractions: 9

9. Tsunami (Ivano-Frankivsk)


Given all the current trends, a water park in Ivano-Frankivsk is an integral part of a large entertainment complex “Tsunami” . Visitors are offered a full range of services to the water park, ice rink, restaurant and hotel. Waterpark “Tsunami” boasts a swimming pool for surfing, which is not found in any other waterpark in Ukraine, as well as a pool for diving depth of 12.5 m (!), and a 25 m swimming pool.

Type – indoor
Area  5,000 sq.m
Quontity of attractions: 10

10. Terminal (Brovary)


Entertainment, recreation, wellness, relax – all this awaits you in the Water Park “Terminal”. The water area of ​​the Park at any time of the year is open to children and adults who want to swim, get a real holiday, recharge or simply how to take a break from the daily routine.

Type – indoor
Quontity of attractions: 11

Unfortunately, several water parks located in the occupied territory of Crimea, are not included to our rating:

Banana Republic (Yevpatoria)


Zurbagan (Sevastopol)


Almond Grove – Mindalnaya Roscha (Alushta)


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