SunCity Travel, LLC’ CEO Alexander Fainin signed the agreement and became a Regional Partner of the international start-up incubator “FasterCapital” (UAE). It will allow to finance startups with the scheme 50/50, that is, 50% of the required amount is covered by the incubator “FasterCapital”. The incubator finances IT and high-tech projects and is ready to invest up to $ 2 million to each startup.

On April, 15 the second round of the startup competition began. It will be continued until July, 16. During the 1st round ‘ 2018, 80 projects from 30 countries of the world took part in the competition, 20 of which were accelerated, and 10 entered the incubation pool. Since its foundation in 2010, FasterCapital has invested $ 10.8 million to start-ups.

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