Restoration of the Tourism Infrastructure of the Ukrainian Sea of Azov

As early as 2021, I headed the work on the development of tourism in the Ukrainian Sea of Azov region. The Roadmap for the development of the industry until 2030 and the “Colorful Azov Region” brand were created, grant programs for entrepreneurs and local authorities were developed, and work on extending the tourist season began.

After the full-scale Russian aggression, the region was completely occupied. The situation there today is catastrophic. Country 404 with its “second army of the world” destroyed tourism in the region and turned thriving resorts into military bases. In addition, Russian occupants loot property and take accommodation facilities from their legal owners – citizens of Ukraine.

After the liberation of the occupied regions of Donetsk, Zaporizhzhia and Kherson regions, the question of restoring the tourist infrastructure of the Azov region will arise. In my own opinion, this issue can coordinate the U-LEAD with Europe project, in which I had the honor of being a Senior Tourism Expert before the start of full-scale Russian aggression. About these and other problems in my interview to “Svoboda” radio (in Ukrainian).

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