The project “Tourist clusters 300+” aimed at the development of domestic tourism was launched in Ukraine. By 2030, every tenth will work in tourism, and the service sector brings about 70% of world GDP. Therefore, it is now very important to lay down the fundamental principles of sustainable development in and to establish interaction between regions in the field of tourism and services. Due to the cluster approach, the narrow-sighted vision of the enterprise in the regional economy is changing for the complex use of a group of interrelated enterprises.

With the purpose of effective social interaction and development of tourist destinations throughout Ukraine in 2018, the project “Tourist clusters 300+” was founded. The authors of the initiative – the ambitious goal – to create over 3 clusters in 3 years and all the necessary infrastructure for their effective work. Ten clusters over five years will provide the state with an additional $ 50 million to the budget. The development of a cluster tourism economy will bring from 800 million to 1.5 billion dollars of investment.

Julia Alekseyeva, ideologue and manager of the “Tourist clusters 300+”, spoke about the goals and mission of the project:

“Now the project” Tourist clusters “is important, because Ukraine is looking for ways for rapid growth. Tourism is the fastest and most effective way. Tourism has helped many countries quickly rehabilitate and restore cultural heritage. Therefore, we initiated the project “Tourist clusters 300+”. That’s exactly – at least 300 territories – we are potentially interesting for development. We have already received more than 100 applications from different regions of Ukraine.

One of the main problems of tourism development in the regions is the lack of certified food establishments and well-thought out routes. That is, the tourist comes to the locations – and he is busy with his rest. Thanks to the “Tourist clusters 300+” project, the organizers want to help active regions with the potential to create tourist distinctions.

Tetyana Tymoshenko, head of the Federation of Employers in the field of tourism in Ukraine, said that the development of tourism – a way that has passed many countries – from decay to prosperity. Tatiana gave an example of Switzerland, who suffered from the amount of garbage in the 60s of the last century, and now many people come there to breathe fresh air and relax.

“Ukraine should become a country for not one visit. The national and international levels of realization of the tourist project are already provided at the law-making level, Tetyana Tymoshenko noted. – At one table it is necessary to sit down for those who create jobs, hired workers and the state. But the locomotive of change is always employers. ”

Now, employers, as recognized by the chairman of the Federation of Employers in the field of tourism in Ukraine, need some tools that can be introduced locally.

“None of the hotels is certified, there is no necessary transport component,” said Oleksandr Fainin, coordinator and mentor of the project “Tourist clusters 300+”, president of the Uman Tumorrow Foundation. He told about holding the first Tourist Forum in Uman and admitted that now it is necessary to form the interest of market players to co-operation.

Also, Ukrainian rock musician Denis Bloschynsky, one of the organizers of Leopolis Jazz Fest, the festival “From the Country to Ukraine” and the Kyiv International Economic Forum, as well as the director of the Vyshgorod Historical and Cultural Reserve, candidate of historical sciences Vlada Litovchenko, told about already implemented projects. She noted that the potential of Kyiv region is very large, and Vyshgorod has long since been the second city after Kiev in the region. Experts now see the “Tourist Clusters 300+” – a platform for the exchange of experience, implementation of real real projects and integration into global processes.

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