On July 27, 2018, by the initiative of the Uman Tomorrow Foundation, a round table “Creation of a tourist cluster “West Cherkaska Oblast” was held in Uman. The event was attended by representatives of the city and region authorities of Uman, entrepreneurs from Uman, Zhashkiv, Mankivka, Buksky Canyon and, even , citizens of Greece. On behalf of the “Uman Tomorrow”, President Oleksandr Fainin, Project Manager Olga Buts and Media Coordinator Victoria Sagirova were present.

“The development of tourism infrastructure is an urgent issue for the Uman region and neighboring regions of the Cherkaska Oblast,” says Oleksandr Fainin. “Unfortunately, the quality of roads, accommodation and catering facilities, the lack of qualitative information on these and other regional tourist facilities do not contribute to the development of Western Cherkaska Oblast. The tourist attraction are situated not only in Uman, but also in Lehedzino, Buky, Monastiriche, Talne. Creating a tourist cluster with a center in Uman is a peculiar step of crisis management, and, according to the cluster principle, tourism infrastructure in Germany, Turkey and Poland has been developing in the past. Today, these countries are flagship tourist destinations. So, unite in a cluster for the sustainable development of tourist Cherkaska Oblast! ”

The participants of the meeting approved the decision to create a large tourist club that would be able to unite entrepreneurs of tourism, hospitality and related business spheres for the purpose of creating and promoting a single regional tourist product, attracting investment, creating new jobs, etc.

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