If you like winter extreme and speed or summer fresh air and green tourism you have to visit resorts of the Carpathian Mountains in Western Ukraine. We will help you choose what suits you best.

The Carpathians are a crescent-shaped mountain system that was formed by the same forces that lifted the higher Alps to the west. The Ukrainian Carpathians are gentle peaks that rise as high as 2061 m (Hoverla). The higher peaks enjoyed some glaciations during the last Ice Age. There are numerous small ski areas and several larger resorts.

The Carpathian Mountains dominate the region with their forests, rivers, lakes, alpine meadows, towns and villages. The region is rich in culture, activity and history. It is ideal for summer holidays walking, riding, mountain climbing, exploring; for winter holidays skiing, tobogganing or all year round just relaxing, absorbing the culture, enjoying the unique healthy air and the wide variety of spa waters.

The hundreds of species of flora and fauna are protected by 400 parks and nature reservations. The mountains also host a number of popular resorts for enjoying snow skiing, hiking and swimming year-round.

The Carpathians is a realm of extraordinary landscapes, the region which is called a pearl of the Ukrainian land. If you want to take an unforgettable journey in the Carpathian fairly-tale, enjoy active rest in the fresh air and seek calmness surrounded by the primordial nature or if you are keen on Western European History and culture then you should take advantage of such holiday resorts of the Pre-Carpathian region (Kolomyia, Yaremche) or Transcarpathia region (Uzhgorod, Mukachevo).

These are Ukraine’s best-equipped ski resorts that have some experience with foreigners. You can visit Bukovel, Dragobrat, Slavske, Krasiya, Tysovets, Myhovo, etc. They have a variety of runs and decent infrastructure, though not yet near the level of European resorts. All resorts have hotels, cottages, and ski rental equipment. All of these resorts are near towns or villages and have bars, cafes, and discothèques.

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