Services of a Psychologist


Oleksandr Fainin’s wife, Kateryna, is a certified practicing psychologist. She specializes in the most effective psychological techniques that help you reach certain peaks in your career, build the right relationships with relatives and friends, and get rid of phobias and directives. In particular, Kateryna uses the following psychological methods:

  • Transactional analysis – for establishing relations with relatives and friends, or in a team where you spend a lot of time.
  • Monodrama – to get rid of instructions and phobias.
  • Metaphorical-associative cards (MAC) – for achieving goals, identifying values, harmonizing relationships, getting out of problematic situations, overcoming professional burnout, etc.
  • Art therapy – for establishing relationships, optimizing behavioral patterns, reducing the impact of stress, forming positive thinking, etc.
  • Financial coaching – for income growth, cost optimization, career growth, etc.

Kateryna Fainina is also a blogger and writer. She travels a lot, takes photos and notes. Kateryna also wrote a book about life in Israel, and is currently writing another book. Both books will be published under the “Kyiv Nomads” series.

To see more detailed information or to order the services of a psychologist, please visit Kateryna Fainina’s website