Consulting by Alex Fainin

Why do you need consulting? Usually, both novice entrepreneurs and experienced businessmen have doubts about why consulting is needed if the business is working and making a profit. Officials also believe that if a certain number of measures are taken, their activity can be considered satisfactory. Or they attend free trainings from international donor organizations, where the trainers are mostly academics who have no business experience at all.

Consulting is needed for those who do not want to stop at what they already have. For those who have healthy ambitions and a desire to expand and improve their business. As for officials, we work with those of them who see Ukraine integrated into Europe not in words, but in deed.

We are lucky to have assembled a team in which each performer is a “star” in his field. And practically all of our team members were or are engaged in business. Among us are former parliamentarians and ministers, founders and heads of leading public organizations, lawyers, marketers, and international class economists. We have implemented a large number of successful projects. We advise the Verkhovna Rada and the government, as well as several international organizations.

Therefore, our team is able to achieve results, create, implement and manage projects of any complexity.

Our team offers services for those who want to create new or develop existing business, charitable foundation and NGO, as well as for management of cities and regions. Our team is ready to provide the following services for your business or region.

You can see our cases document samples (presentations, briefs, business plans, brand books, promotion video etc.) HERE