One of the founders of SunCity Travel, LLC, Member of the Public Council at the Verkhovna Rada of Ukraine Committee on Humanitarian and Information Policy, EBRD International Adviser and Expert of the European Commission Alexander Fainin has more than 20 years experience in the travel and HoReCa consulting. He is one of the “fathers” of Ukrainian national hostel chain, author of many innovative developments in the field of tourism and hospitality.

Alexander tells to the about his consulting business:

Sales and ratings – here are two most important whales at the HoReCa business. Our many years of experience and a non-standard approach make it possible not only to increase sales in a hotel, restaurant, transport company or travel agency, but also to increase the level of service, and, accordingly, the number of positive reviews on the Internet.

Our potential customers are business owners who:

  • Just started their business, have invested money in the brand and the operation, but have not yet been selling;
  • Wish to increase brand value or go to IPO;
  • Do not want or can not apply active marketing and promo strategies;
  • Do not have enough time to deal with the correct organization of sales and marketing, effective selection of the team and management.

In a word, our clients are the businessmen who want to start earning, or if the business brings income, earn at least twice as much.

We have package offers for startups and existing businesses, but at the same time we work with each client individually. First we carry out diagnostics – we study the business and the situation with sales. Then we do business planning and give recommendations for increasing sales. The third stage is implementation. If the business owner accepts the offer, we suggest outsourcing and outstaffing providing by our team. Our main goals are increasing sales and saving costs in each case, and the main principle is a creative and individual approach.

Although we are primarily HoReCa, tourism and transport experts, however, our portfolio includes cases in FMCG, medicine, construction, industry, etc.