Sea & SunBeach season on the Mediterranean Sea in Israel is continuing since March to November and all-round-a-year in Eilat on the Red Sea. You can visit Israel to get a pleasure on the Blue Flag beachs of Netanya, Tel Aviv, Eilat and Dead Sea as well as a huge number of Biblical and historical sights.

Summer is a good time to visit resorts of Black Sea and Sea of Azov in South of Ukraine. Just choose the most convenient accommodation for you and make reservation with us. 

Mediterranean Sea

Israel’s Mediterranean Coast has amazing beaches, leisure activities, cultural sites, and so much more. Any visitor to Israel will pass through the area and take in some of what is on offer, but it is incredibly easy to miss something fantastic. The most famouse Mediterranean reorts of Israel are Tel Aviv and Netanya. Remember, Israel is a small country, and nothing is too far away!

Red Sea

Situated at the southern most tip of Israel on the Gulf of Aqaba of the Red Sea, Eilat nestles between jagged red mountains and crystal clear waters, ruffled by nothing more then a gentle northerly breeze. The year-long hot, dry climate attracts not only tourists from colder reaches, but also provides a haven for myriad coral and fish species endemic to the bay.

Dead Sea

The Dead Sea can also be called “the lowest health spa in the world.” Sea salts are produced from the southern section for industry, and in the northern section promote tourism and good health. The composition of the salts and minerals in the water are what make it so unique and beneficial for the body.


WARNING! Due to the fact that Russia annexed the Crimea, we have introduced a moratorium on sending tourists there. We caution that the stay on the territory of Crimea is dangerous for your health and safety.

The beautiful Crimean Black Sea coast is a new holiday destination for any traveler from backpacker to MICE group. You can plan your vacation and book accommodation in Yalta, Alushta, Saki, Sevastopol, Sudak, Feodosia or other resorts of Crimea.

The Crimean coast lies on the far side of the Black Sea from Turkey. Stunning mountain scenery, warm sea and a long season of summer sunshine have made the Crimean coastline the Riviera for Ukrainians and Russians since the time of the tsars.

Now an autonomous republic within Ukraine, Crimea is busy re-inventing itself after the ending of the old Soviet Union. Private enterprise is flourishing and well-stocked shops and good restaurants are the norm. Transport and accommodation are cheaper than the Mediterranean resorts but the weather is better and the sightseeing amazing!

Whether you want wine-tasting or scuba diving, mountains or sea, to visit the Byzantine ruins of Chersoneses, or the fabulous Livadia Palace near Yalta, home of the last of the Russian Tsars – or if you just want to relax on the beach and then while away a warm summer evening in a gourmet restaurant, Crimea has something for you.

Sea of Azov

The long Sea of Azov coastline is less developed for tourism than the Crimea’s one and is similar to the Black Sea coastline near Odessa. Mostly it’s a “wild” area with desert sandy beaches, lone fishermen and tourists. Beaches on the Azov Sea range from sand to pebbles to mixtures of the two.

But because of the dry, warm summer and sandy beaches, the Azov coast is important for its sanatoriums and holiday resorts. Notable resorts are Primorsk, Berdyansk, and Genichesk.

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