Our Company is a partner of number of the best restaurants and restaurant chains in Ukraine. We offer a wide range of restaurants, fast-foods, bars, cafes, and catering in different cities. Our tourists can get excellent service including special requirements for Vegetarian, Halala, Kosher, Chinese, and Indian people.

Of course, we suggest our tourists to try dishes of beautiful and very tasty Ukrainian cuisine and Ukrainian drinks. Ukrainian food is one of the richest national cuisines. Its dishes are well known far away from Ukraine. And the Ukrainian recipes of the foods are very popular nowadays. Ukrainian cuisine has dozens thousands of food recipes, which are characterized with plane food cooking and high taste qualities. The modern national culinary art preserved and enriched the old good traditions.

The most popular Ukrainian dishes are Borsch (a deep red beet and cabbage soup), cereals (millet, buckwheat, pumpkin etc. ), floury foods (curds, dumplings, grechaniki, cottage cheese patty, potaptsy, pancakes, vertuny, mandryky and others). The very tasteful are dishes, which stewed in ceramic pots: roast meat, curds with sour cream, stewed cabbage, potatoes with meat and prunes. Among the traditional sweet foods the most popular are uzvars (stewed fruits) and jellied fruits. To prepare sweet dishes are used plums, apples, pears, apricots, cherries, red currants, strawberries, wild strawberries, raspberries, honey, nuts. Ukrainian cuisine was always famous for the big number of foods with fruits and berries, raised on the Ukrainian lands.

We suggest you to taste Ukrainian beverages also. Taste original non-alcoholic Kvas (bread drink, which is made from black or rye bread), Ryazhanka (specific baked sour milk), number of sparkling water (Myrhorods’ka, Polyana Kvasova, Luzhans’ka etc.). And, of course, you have to try Ukrainian beer (L’vivs’ke, Chernihivs’ke, Slavutych, Obolon’), Horilka (Nemiroff, Hortytsya, Hlibnyi Dar), Brandy (Tavria, Magarach, Klinkoff), Red & White Wine from sweet to dry (Massandra, Inkerman, Shabo), Sparkling Wine (Artemivske, Novyi Svet, Kyivske), some kinds of liqueurs and nalivkas.

Our staff often visit restaurants in different towns, taste the food and drinks, assess the level of service. Thus, our comments about restaurants in the cities of Ukraine you can see HERE.

We suggest you the following restaurant chains in Ukraine: