yaremche01Brief information

Yaremche is one of the most popular climate resorts of Ukraine. In any season the tourists can engage in the whole range of activities matching most fastidious tastes – in winter it might be tobogganing, crossing country and downhill skiing; in spring and summertime – the tourists can hike to alpine meadows where there are plenty of odorous berries. The Prut River prompts and invites to water tourism. The fabulous colors of the autumnal forest, rich for mushrooms, the unique beauty of mountainous landscapes, fresh and balmy air contributes to the perfect conditions for full-fledged, vivifying rest. Yaremche will fascinate you by its architectural sightseeing, but the most popular place of interest is waterfall “Huk”. The mountains level – 650 meters from the sea level. For those who prefer higher mountains – 28 far from Yaremche – Yablunytskyy Mountain passing where are 5 ski lifts (700 – 1150 meters).


How to get there

To get Yaremche you have go to Ivano-Frankivsk first and then take a bus (arrives from the Railway Station every 30 min., en route – 1 h 30 min.)

– By train (to Ivano-Frankivsk)

From Kyiv: trains ##43, 143
From Lviv: trains ##43, 59, 143, 136, 606 (train comes via Yaremche), 608, 668
From Odesa: train #136
From Moscow: train ##59 
– Nearest airport