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Located at the foothills of the majestic Carpathians, this town is the capital of Zakarpattia (Transcarpathians), with a population of over 120,000. It was first mentioned in the chronicles in 903 AD. The original castle was built in the 10th c., rebuilt by the bishop of Mukhachevo in the 16th c., and today is a historical museum noted for its archeological collection. Do not miss the unique neo-Baroque Ukrainian Catholic Church (1732) and adjacent residence of the Bishops of Mukachevo from 1644.

There are a lot of architectural monuments in Uzhgorod – Uzhgorodsky castle (it is known from the 11th century), a bishop’s palace (1646), a Catholic church in baroque style (1762-1767), a city hall (1810). In 1930s, Czech architects created an architectural ensemble of Uzhgorod center in the form close to constructionism.

In the city there is Uzhgorod University, institutes and professional schools, a museum of local study, an art museum, Zakarpattia museum of folk architecture, a botanic garden, a Ukrainian theater of drama and music, a puppet theater, a regional philharmonic society (former synagogue), over 20 schools, a gymnasium, a lyceum, a number of churches.

Main reasons to visit Uzhgorod

  • Legends and ghosts of Uzhgorodsky castle. The castle is a trustful guard of the town and its spiritual defender, one of the most ancient in Ukraine.
  • A pedestrian bridge which fulfills wishes. One of the most ancient and famous bridges in Uzhgorod stone bridge links 2 absolutely different halves of Uzhgorod – the Old town and the New town.
  • Lime-tree alley – the longest in Europe. It is 2 km 200 m long and stretches along the Uzh and its 2 embankments – of Independence and the Students’. The alley is in blossom all summer long due to lime-trees of different sorts.
  • Blossom of sakura. At late April – early May Uzhgorod absolutely changes: hundreds of sakura trees are in blossom – there are pink-white flowers everywhere. Thousands of tourists come to Uzhgorod to enjoy this really beautiful and thrilling view.
  • A Museum in Vedmina Yama (“Witch’s Pit”). It is one of the first museums in the open air in Ukraine, Zakarpattia museum of folk architecture which is located on the place of former famous Vedmina Yama (“Witch’s Pit”). In medieval time, Zakarpattia witches who were linked with the devil were burnt there. Nowadays the museum is a unique ensemble of the Ukrainian national heritage.
  • Korzo. Korzo consists of shops, cafes and banks. This is the trade heart of Uzhgorod. The name is translated from the Italian as “a street to walk”. This is how former owners of the town called it – they were earls Drugetti from Napoli. This is the street which preserved the old design of Uzhgorod best of all in the whole city. This is the most beautiful part of Uzhgorod.


How to get there

– Nearest airport

– By train

From Kyiv: trains ##13, 81, 99, 207, 225, 537
From Lviv: trains ##13, 15, 81, 99, 108, 207, 225, 537, 601, 829
From Odesa: train #108
From Kharkiv: train #225
From Moscow: train #15

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