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Uman is a regional center of Cherkassy province with population about 100,000. It is situated 210 km south from Kyiv and 230 km north from Odessa on the international highway Odessa – Kyiv – St. Petersburg – Helsinki.
Uman is known since 1616 as a defensive fort built against Tatar raids and a prominent Cossak regiment was stationed in the town. In 1670-1674, Uman was a residence of the Hetman of right-bank Ukraine. In 1793 Uman became part of the Russian Empire and a number of aristocratic residences were built there.
Uman is the burial place of Rabbi Nachman of Breslov, the Rebbe of the Breslov group of Hasiddic Jews. Rabbi Nachman spent the end of his life in Uman, and specifically requested to be buried there. During Rosh Hashanah (The Jewish New Year) there is a major pilgrimage by Breslov Hasiddism and others to visit the grave in Uman. This practice dates back to 1811, the year after Rabbi Nachman was buried in Uman. During the Soviet regime the pilgrimage was forbidden by the authorities, but was resumed in 1989 after the dissolution of the Soviet Union.
The Sofiyvka State Dendrological Park is spread over 150 hectares of land on the outskirts of the old city of Uman in the Cherkassy Region. In the one of the most beautiful of all memorial parks and the landscaped in the style common to the end of the 18th century. In its own unique way, it resembles a gallery of art – created by both man and nature – each picture such a work of perfection that is hard to decide which creator to give preference to.
This picturesque spot is called a fairy tale corner of Ukraine – everything about it s sheer poetry, it is so exquisite and beautiful. Wherever you look, you see something distinctive or iminitable. There are the Elysian Fields, the English Park whose collection of trees and plants comes from many countries of the world? And the “Caucasian Hill” which seems to carry you to sunny Georgia. One finds luxurious pavilions and pergolas! Beautiful grottos and waterfalls, an underground waterway Styx. Sofiyvka is beautiful in any season of the year.


How to get there

– By bus
From Kyiv: from the Central Bus Station (metro Demiivska) buses to Odesa, Mykolayiv etc.
From Odesa: from the Central Bus Station buses to Kyiv

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