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Кamyanets-Podilskyi – one of the oldest historical cities of Ukraine, the main city of Podillya, the significant phenomenon in the European culture. An original geopolitic arrangement near historical borders, overland and water ways, basic of which Dnestr, and also an arrangement of city on unapproachable rocky island was has defined its basic function – a frontier fortress. For centuries-old history Kamyanets not time passed from hands in hands of different conquerors. In due time it Tatar-Mongols, Polish-Lithuanian shlyakhta, Turks, Austro-Hungarians, the Russian imperialists and bolsheviks, fascist invaders owned. Accordingly, each historical period has imposed the print on topography and architecture of Old city. In Kamyanets-Podilskyi more than 200 important architectural monuments. A special place among historical monuments of city is an old citadel-fortress with system of other architectural constructions. Integral part of a fortress is the stone bridge, as though continuing fortifications from east party and uniting Old city with a fortress. In 1998 the Old city is declared like National Historical Architectural reserve “Kamyanets”.
Fortress (11-18 cent.) for long years of existence during numerous reorganizations has got a kind of the extended rectangular enclosed by high walls. On a contour 11 mighty towers have been at various times constructed. Wooden strengthenings of different centuries have been replaced stone. In territory of a fortress there was a well with water, that during a fortress storm played very important role. During Middle Ages Kamenetskaya fortress was considered as a unapproachable stronghold. The legend according to which in 1621 turkish emperor the Osmanli turk amazed by power of walls and towers, has exclaimed is known: “Who has created this stone miracle?” “Allah”, – soldiers have answered. “So start up the Allah and takes it”, – the Osmanli turk has told and has ordered to recede. As an advanced post of the land Podillya the fortress has been last time used during II World war. It has been destroyed, it is now restored and is a museum of All-Ukrainain scale.

The most interesting tourist sites in Kamyanets are:

  • Novoplanovskiy bridge (19 cent.), connecting canyons of Smotrych river and the leader to the New plan. Its height of 38 m, length – 136 m.
  • St. Nikolay`s church (13 cent.) has elements of defensive architecture, thick walls, mighty buttresses, windows under the ceiling.
  • The town hall dominating over the Polish area. The most important decisions made here, various contracts consist, received eminent visitors.
  • Church over apostles Peter and Paul named “Small Wawel of Podillya” not only for the perfect architecture, but also owing to value of the Cathedral in a spiritual life of edge. The church is well-known Giovanni Sampini`s for frescos, is masterful the made wooden altar of 18 cent., a turkish minaret with a statue of Maiden Maria on it, stone Laura, unique body in 972 pipes.
  • Stephan Batoriy`s Tower – most powerful of Kamyanets towers. After repair in 17 cent. began to refer to Kushnirskaya. The national name – the Wind Gate. On a legend here has broken a hat from Peter`s I head during its visiting Kamyanets in 1711.
  • Trinitarskaya church has been constructed in the end of 18 cent. Nowadays – Greco-catholic St. Yosafat`s church.

Visit Kamyanets-Podilskyi at any time year and you receive weight of unforgettable impressions!


How to get there

– By train
From Kyiv: trains ##173, 177, 623
– By bus
UkrBus Company: #57, #58

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