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It is realy possible to name modern Donetsk, city with the population 1,1 million, one of significant in Ukraine cultural, scientific and business centers . Economy of city represents by more than two hundred state enterprises, and also nearby 20 thousand registered enterprises of small and average business. Education represents by 38 higher educational institutions, 24 technical training colleges.

Until recently settling of the Donetsk ground connected with date of John James Hughes’ bookmark of a metal works. But studying of archives, materials of historical-statistical collections, and also researches of local regional specialists have opened new indisputable facts. They have shown, that settling of territory of present Donetsk has begun in XVII century when descendants of the Zaporizhzhya cossacks began to settle in these places, basing winter stops and farm. After liquidation of Zaporizhzhya Sich the imperial government began to give away the rich grounds to a reliable Cossack top. So the myth that John Hughes has arrived to deserted steppe, has appeared completely dispelled.

Recently the big attention of reconstruction of streets and parkways of city is paid. So, in 2004 reconstruction of the academic is musical-drama theatre has been finished, the central street of city has decorated ultramodern five-star hotel “Donbass Palace”, shopping center-entertaining ” Gold ring ” has opened.

The new church in Kalininskiy region has begun to sparkle domes. In the same place there was the unique cathedral which was wiped out in 30th years. Nowadays its exact copy – Preobrazhenskiy cathedral – has already risen in the center of Donetsk, amazing a look strict classical lines and in the image of sacred Archangel Michael – gift of our capital Kyiv. Is at us now not only Christian temples, but also cult constructions of Catholics, Moslems, Jews. Supermarkets on modern European model are under construction: on Leninskiy avenue there were shopping centers “Obzhora” and “Amstore”.

Donetsk, become famous in one million scarlet roses, and now spends considerable means for gardening of industrial territories, the court yard, under construction inhabited files, updates wood plantings in streets, in squares, parks. The real wood in a city boundaries became the natural boundary Putilovskoe is based on ravinnes. Its area – 77 hectares where 220 kinds of the plants among which is both decorative grow, and medicinal. As a whole this fine vacation spot of the townspeople and visitors of city.


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