slavske15Brief information

Slavske (Slavsko) is currently the most popular Carpathian ski resort, is situated 130 km from Lviv.. It attracts tourists so much because of its low prices and closeness to the big Ukrainian cities. It is situated about 130 km from Lviv and it is easy to get there by train. Slavsko is very conveniently located on the Kiev-Uzhorod rail road. Its benefits – a wide range of ski runs for all levels of skiers – from beginner to professional. Note that during the weekends the resort is overcrowded. But everyone who likes meeting new friends and visiting noisy parties will be satisfied. The resort is spread out over 5 mountains: Trostian, Politekh, Pogar, Velyky Verh, Krokus. Mount Trostian is the highest and it is located at the edge of the resort. It is popular for its abundance of different runs.

Lots of all levels ski slopes are at your disposal:

  • mountain Trostyan – is known for its abundance of slopes both for beginres and for professionals as well. Length of descent – 2500 m. To get to the mountain you should take the transfer from the hotel or cottage. The price for 1 ski lift – 0.5 EUR. The price for the transfer one way – 1 EUR.
  • mountains Politekh and Pogar – are situated in the center of the resort and are 450 and 650 meters respectively. This is the best variant to study skiing. The price for 1 ski lift – 0.2 EUR.
  • mountain Grabovets – you can get there by minibus from the center of Slavsko. This is the preferable place of skiing for those who likes to ski with very less amount of people – it is overcrowded very seldom. 850 meters.The price for 1 ski lift – 0.2 EUR
  • mountain Krokus – the ski lifts are opened only on weekends. Length of descent – 1050 m. Slavsko will give you hearty welcome to all tourists who come to ski or just to breath fresh mountain air. It will surely help you to forget problems and enjoy the nature and service.

After skiing you may visit restaurants that In the majority are made in old local wooden style.


How to get there

– Nearest airport
– By train
From Kyiv: trains ##7, 13, 81, 99
From Lviv: trains ##7, 13, 81, 99, 108, 807, 809, 829 and domestic electric trains
From Odesa: train #108
From Uzhgorod: trains ##13, 15, 99, 107, 829
From Budapest: train #16
– By bus
From Lviv railway station arrive buses every 2-3 hours (en route – 3 h 30 min.)