bukovel08Brief information

Ski resort “Bukovel” is situated near the foot of the like-named mountain in the village of Polyanytsya, Yaremche district, at the height of 900 m. above sea level, in the distance of 35 km. from Yaremche and 100 km. from Ivano-Frankivsk. The highest peak of the resort is mt.Dovga, 1372 m. Climate conditions of the tourist area where our complex is located are truly unique. Mountains are surrounding “Bukovel” all around and safeguard it from severe winter winds thus creating comfortable conditions for winter holidays.

53 km. of ski trails run over the specially prepared slopes with grass undermass. All the trails are equipped with snowmaking machines and are protected from the direct sunlight. Due to these conditions snow remains of the slopes much longer than in other surrounding. We make the trails ready for skiing with special snowmaking and tamping systems.Illumination on three trails allows night skiing as well. In winter season we have 16 modern ski lifts working with the total capacity of 37 700 persons per hour. Almost 15 000 persons can comfortably (without any waiting in lines to ski lifts) enjoy their skiing on the trails of the resort.

Key count of “Bukovel” complex is 1500 beds of various comfort categories. Hotel complex “Bukovel” is of 3-star level, but for the most demanding guests we can offer the 4-star chalets – separate cottages with their own garages, saunas, pools, personal ski-outs (passways to the slope). Accommodation in the nearby region also offers over 12 000 beds of different levels.

Within the next 10-15 years “Bukovel” will construct 21 modern ski lifts and 116 km of ski trails fully equipped with snowmaking machines. Additionally there are plans to build new hotels and private guesthouses of different levels in “Bukovel” and the closest village Polyanytsya with the total capacity of 35-40 thousand beds.

TC “Bukovel” offers the well-developed infrastructure of restaurants, cafes, rent stations, entertaining centers, underrof parkings, shops and other facilities for the most comfortable holidays.

In summers TC “Bukovel” works as the balneal health resort with mineral water springs of unique characteristics, modern medical equipment and highly qualifies medical personnel. The resort provides health-improving services for people with problems of support motor apparatus and gastrointestinal tract. We offer our guests services of the medical health center where they can take medical examination and improve their health.

Aiming to provide the all-year-round work of the resort and organize the active summer recreation we constructed two mountain bike trails, developed with application of world-newest techniques, 5 km long in total. Fans of active lifestyle can also make journeys by quad-bikes or bikes, or go on mountain hiking.


How to get there

To get Bukovel you have go to Ivano-Frankivsk first and then take a bus to Vorokhta (arrives from the Railway Station every 30 min., en route – 1 h 30 min.) and then a bus to Bukovel. You can take a taxi also (EUR 25-35 per car.)

– By train (to Ivano-Frankivsk)

  • From Kyiv: trains ##43, 143
  • From Lviv: trains ##43, 59, 143, 136, 606 (train comes via Yaremche), 608, 668
  • From Odesa: train #136
  • From Moscow: train ##59 
– Nearest airport