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Zatoka resort located in an amazing, unique place of Ukraine. It is a sandy spit stretching over 20 kilometers, washed by the salty waters of the Black Sea, freshwaters of Dnestrovskiy and bitter-salty waters of Shabolatskiy firths. This the place where fishermen can have a really good biting! Pikeperches, gobies, flatfish, burbot- and all of these is only in Zatoka.

Zatoka is a climatic health resort with splendid beaches. A black sea tan that tourists get here, basking in the velvet sand, can be found only in Karlovy Vary. The caressing morning and evening breezes give this corner of the earth the fabulousness and comfort.

History of Zatoka goes back to the old days, the campaigns of Duke Oleg to Tsargrad, whence comes the names of Tsargradskiy Girl and Tsargradskiy Lighthouse, built in 1857. The resort is 60 kilometers from the eternally young Odessa and 20 km from the ancient Akkerman (Bilhorod-Dnistrovskyi), which celebrated 2500 years.

The state highway is passing through the Zatoka resort, which means that only you feel like going to the tour, here you go: to Odessa, Bilhorod-Dnistrovskyi, Ishmael, Bolgrad, Renee, Chisinau, “Ukrainian Venice” – Vilkovo, you can go straight from Zatoka.

Boarding houses, recreation at various levels of service and comfort, the private sector (houses, villas), holiday for all tastes and demands, cafes, restaurants, an abundance of fruits, water from artesian springs will make your stay truly memorable for many years. And what about those how don’t like to be burned by the sun? For them Zatoka provides riding on boats, ships, parachutes, water slides, tennis courts, jet skis, bicycles, libraries, cinemas. And when the night comes down, the night clubs, billiards and restaurants are waiting for you right there – on the coast. True connoisseurs of southern cuisine can satisfy the soul with real double fisherman’s soup and Bessarabian dishes prepared in a real peasant stove. The abundance of vegetables, fruits, vegetables, and fish provides an opportunity to diversify the meals, to satisfy the individual needs of tourists, and to fully restore and replenish your body with vitamins stock, available in abundance on the five markets of the resort.

Zatoka – is not only a soft murmur of the Black sea, the waves rolling on a sandy beach, the sun caressing your skin and a sense of peace, but also the opportunity to taste fine vintage wines from the famous Swabian basements. You will also see the amazing XIII century fortress Akkerman.

Clear sea, well-groomed sandy beach, attentive staff will help to create the conditions for an unforgettable vacation. Come to Zatoka, feel like a real child of the sea, feel its kindness, listen to its whisper. Black Sea, like a living creature, will even talk to you, especially if you come to it at night, telling it your secrets and passions – and, be assured, the sea will fulfill your innermost desires.


How to get there

To Odessa by plane, train or bus and than take a bus  (marshrutka)  from the local Bus Station “Privoz”, which is situated near the Railways Station or taxi (about EUR 20 per car).

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