WARNING! Due to the fact that Russia annexed the Crimea, we have introduced a moratorium on sending tourists there. We caution that the stay on the territory of Crimea is dangerous for your health and safety.

yevpatoria05Brief information

Yevpatoria is not only a well-known known Crimean resort, but also one of the most ancient and beautiful cities in all of Ukraine. Golden sand beaches, clear seas, unique therapeutic mud and mineral waters, as well as a collection of architectural and historic landmarks have made it famous far beyond the peninsula.

Yevpatoria differs from the other resorts due to its abundance of natural remedies. It is one of the sunniest cities of the Crimea, combining the sea and steppe climates. In addition to this, Yevpatoria is famous for its lakes and estuaries, whose mud and water have curative properties. The nature’s riches have led to the opening of dozens of health centers, mud clinics, sanatoriums, and camps. Up to a million people come here each year for rest and treatment.

This amazing place on western cost of the Crimean peninsula was discovered two and a half thousand years ago by the Greeks, who built a settlement here. The settlement, named Kerkinitis, existed for only a few centuries; fragments from its past can be seen in the excavations taking place in center of the city. In the Middle Ages, the Turks, who captured the Crimean land, built on this ground the city-fortress Kezlev, which later became an important trade center.

It is only in the 19th century that the city started to position itself as a resort, after the Russian Empire took hold of the region. The name, again, changed: the Empress Catherine the Second renamed Kezlev to Yevpatoria, after Eupator Dionysius, the king of Pontus, who helped the citizens of ancient Kerkinitis in their fight against Scythians.

You can see Yevpatoria’s rich history in its amazing buildings, which have absorbed the styles of different epochs and cultures. Numerous religious monuments are concentrated here. In one neighborhood, Orthodox churches stand next to mosques and synagogues; indeed, the historic center of Yevpatoria is often called “little Jerusalem.”

Yevpatoria wins the hearts of its numerous guests with its endless possibilities. But its real charm lies in the genuine hospitality and warmth of the city’s denizens, regardless of the season!


How to get there

– Nearest airport
– By train
From Kyiv: train #597
From Moscow: train #17
– By bus
Take a bus from Simferopol railway station, which arrives every 30 min (en route about 2 h 20 min.). You can get a taxi also (about EUR 55 per car).