WARNING! Due to the fact that Russia annexed the Crimea, we have introduced a moratorium on sending tourists there. We caution that the stay on the territory of Crimea is dangerous for your health and safety.

SunsetBrief information

Yalta is the most famous city of Crimea and one of the most picturesque and interesting resorts of the world. It stretches along the seacoast like a grandiose amphitheatre in a setting of majestic mountains. Its marvelous turning from the small village into modern elite resort was like by fairy Cinderella. It happened in 1839 thanks to love of several generations of Tsar`s family.

Population of the Big Yalta is more than 100,000. From the Greek word meaning shore, one of the most popular Black Sea resorts on the entire Crimean peninsula. Considered the Ukrainian Riviera, it has a wonderful Mediterranean climate and is set in the midst of 4,000 ft mountains. Exotic flowers and trees surround a special treasure at the Nikitsky Botanical Garden – the 1,000-year-old pistachio tree. Once a fashionable retreat for the aristocracy, Yalta`s splendid palaces and villas have since been converted into museums or therapeutic sanitariums. In nearby Alupka visit Vorontsov Palace, an eclectic 19th c. architectural treasure. Enjoy a hydrofoil ride to the medieval castle clinging to the mountains, the famous Swallow`s Nest.

Autumn is the best thing in Yalta. The expression “Velvet” season appeared just hear in the early century, when the city leave employee public, artists and literatures come here. The first one called “cotton print” public and the second – “velvet” one. Yalta embankment is the best place for rest. It is planted with palm-trees and there are a lot of bars, cafes and restaurants. The Armenian Church standing on a high hill is a marvelous artistic creation. The Roman-Catolic Church standing on the Uchan-Su River embankment was built in 1914.

The former palace of the Bukhara Emir is an architectural monument of the early century. Yalta reservation arouses a great interest. It was created for guarding unique mountain forests giving salubrious climate the Southern Coast. In the Stavri-Kaya Mountain foot hill there is the “Fairy Glade” with its sculpture museum.

Yalta mounted sport club “Karier” can offer lovers of active rest horse and mountain bicycles rides. The Palace of Alexander III in Up-Massandra is the most popular sight for excursions. Massandra wines are the best in the world!

Nikita Botanical Garden laid out by botanist Ch.Steven in 1812 is one of most famous and popular. Its collection numbers thousands of species of leaf-bearing, evergreen and coniferous trees. Nikita romantic canyon is a nature decoration served in many adventure and story films. The Geodynamic model of Crimea with an interesting mineral museum is near the highway.


How to get there

– Nearest airport
– By bus
Take a bus from Simferopol railway station, which arrives every 10 min (en route about 1 h 20 min., price – EUR 2.5). One of the most romantic and cheap way is to go to Yalta by a trolleybus (en route about 3 h, price – EUR 1.5). You can get a taxi also (about EUR 35 per car).