Brief information

The Koblevo resort is located on the Black Sea coast of Nikolayev region, 4 km away from the intercity highway Odessa – Mykolayiv (50 km from Odessa, 80 km from Mykolayiv). And it combines about 60 boarding houses and recreation centers of various level of comfort, stretched in a band of 6 km along the coast, with possibility to receive 15-17 thousand visitors simultaneously. There are no private, residential or industrial sectors in the resort area Koblevo.

Koblevo is the largest and most popular resort area on the Mykolaiv coast of the Black Sea. Located there are around one hundred sanatoriums, which are able to satisfy the most diverse tastes and demands of their guests.

The main peculiarity of the recreation area Koblevo is the harmonious combination of the mild sun, the sea, the scents of steppe grasses and the availability of an old Pinery. Exactly here You will find the most advanced entertainment and leisure infrastructure on the coast. At Your disposal: fishing and many sports grounds and playgrounds for children, park of attractions and concerts and artistic sites, everyday discos and karaoke-shows, water slides for children and a huge selection of wave runners and water bicycles. In the summer season the resort Koblevo is a place for well-to-do vacationers as well as for people with regular income.

Because of its idyllic nature and climate – a caressing sun, wide sandy beaches, an azure sea, and clean air aromatized by steppe herbs and coniferous forest – Koblevo became known as the perfect spot for a summer vacation. And located nearby is the Tiligulsky estuary, which is full of nature’s healing resources that have made it an attractive destination for those who want not only rest, but also rejuvenation on their getaways.

Koblevo can satisfy the needs of those who prefer quiet family vacations, as well as those who seek a more lively vacation. The resort features many restaurants, nightclubs, and discos, as well as the biggest water park in southwestern Ukraine, an amusement park, water sports rentals, and great spots to hang-glide.


How to get there

Koblevo is situated 50 km from Odessa and 80 km from Mykolayiv.
– Nearest airport

– From Odessatake a bus  (marshrutka)  from the local Bus Station “Privoz”, which is situated near the Railways Station or taxi (about EUR 20 per car).

– From Mykolayiv: take a bus (marshrutka) from the Bus Station (departure from Chigrina street) or any bus to Odessa from the Terminal. Also you can go by taxi (about EUR 25 per car).

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