saki01WARNING! Due to the fact that Russia annexed the Crimea, we have introduced a moratorium on sending tourists there. We caution that the stay on the territory of Crimea is dangerous for your health and safety.

Brief information

Near the Black Sea, approximately forty-five kilometers from Simeforol the picturesque town of Saki is located. It has a diverse and fascinating community, which is a blend of Jews, Russians, Tatars, Poles, Armenians and many others. Saki is surrounded by breathtaking beaches and magnificent scenery, but is famous for its spas, clinics and sanatoriums. Here, visitors to Ukraine can find genuine peace, tranquility and revitalization. It is a destination like no other, where the beauty of hot springs, lakes and cool ocean breeze creates an amazing setting, and wellness and therapy are the attractions.

Saki is legendary for the mud it uses in its spas for treatment. A lot of effort goes into cultivating the mud, which possesses special healing qualities. In fact, Saki is one of two places in the world that makes this specific mud. It is moved from tank to tank at certain periods during the two year process, so that the micro-organisms can create the mud. After the two years, the mud is ready to be used in the sanitoruim and spas, and patients undergo treatments with the mud to relieve pain and get treated for a wide variety of ailments. It used to be that only the rich and military authorities were able to make use of the sanitorium, but Saki and its centers are now open to local and international visitors.

The oldest spa resort in Crimea, Saki is visited for many reasons, as their clinics and spas offer a range of treatments including climatotherapy, acupuncture, physiotherapy, psychotherapy, messages and therapeutic mud treatments. The Sanitorium in Saki also assists quadriplegics and those with musculoskeletal disorders, cardio vascular deficiencies and blood circulation problems. Saki has become a leading destination in Ukraine for treatments and therapy, and attends to thousands of patients each year. People come from far to receive help here for ailments and pain, or just to recharge after being drained by a busy year. In between therapies or spa treatments, visitors will be able to explore Saki, its monuments, wildlife and breathtaking landscapes. It is the perfect destination to relax and rejuvenate the body, mind and soul.

Advantages of Natural Therapeutic Factors

Saki silt sulphide mud is unique for its content: it contains biologically active substances, stimulators, hormone-like substances, natural antibiotics, vitamins, and microelements. This combination makes Saki mud a unique natural recourse. According to people who underwent Dead Sea treatment prior to Saki, medical effect from Saki mud was even better. For 1,5 century`s chemical content of the mud remains stable, which is maintained by natural conditioning under brine layer protecting the mud from external intrusions. Stable chemical content guarantees its high quality and therapeutic value in natural environment – Saki resort. Conditions of mud regeneration are maximally adapted to natural due to close location to therapeutic lake. Brine that is used either by itself or in combination with mud cure enhances mud cure effects, prolongs after-effects of the treatment.

Saki mineral water is thermal (+45 C) with hydrocarbonsodium. It is used (drinking scheme) in gastritis, gastric and duodenal ulcer, conditions after gastric and gall bladder surgeries for restoration of functions of gastrointestinal tract. Mineral water well is located on the territory of the sanatorium.

Mud-and-brine cure is highly effective in many pathological processes, which provides for wide spectrum of indications for people with combined conditions: adnexitis & infertility; prostatic problems of all kinds; arthrosis & arthritis, Bekhterev disease; conditions after injuries of bones, joints, nerves, internal organs, spinal cord, and brain; osteochondrosis; conditions after brain and spinal surgeries; encephalitis, polyradiculoneuritis. Good results are also observed in gastritis, ulcers, cholecystitis, post-cholecystectomy syndrome, diabetes mellitus, and obesity.

Effect of main (natural) factors are enhanced by application of such modern methods as physical therapy, hyperbaric oxygen treatment, psychotherapy, non-traditional methods, quantum hemotherapy, which allows for optimization of treatment scheme in accordance with the patient`s individual peculiarities.

Addendum to Effectiveness

  • 75 % of patients with gastrointestinal diseases noted disappearance of pain, dyspeptic manifestations, stool normalization. Endoscopy showed cicatrisation of ulcers, and epithelisation of erosions in 70% of patients.
  • 75 % of patients with alimentary obesity noted significant weight loss, 80 % diabetics noted decreased blood sugar level, including 30 % whose dosage of special medicines was markedly decreased;
  • patients with arthritis, arthrosis and Bekhterev`s disease (ankylosing spondylarthritis) noted stabilization of their condition, inactive phase started in 87 % of the patients. In ankylosing spondylarthritis, mud cure is part and parcel of rehabilitation course, resulting in prolonged workability;
  • marked improvements were seen in 30% of patients with chronic prostatitis: improved potency, absence of pain and disuria, normalized urine status and status of prostatic secretion; in 62% – improvements were manifested as absence of disuria, pain in pubic and sacral areas, and in perineum, as well as improved general condition, normalization of urine and prostatic secretion status, improved sexual function. Only 5% of all patients didn`t report any improvements and only 3% complained of aggravation manifested in persistent pains, disuria, and sexual dysfunction;
  • in male infertility and impaired fertility in prostatitis, in 30 % of cases, noted was marked improvement of spermogram: increased spermatozoid count, normalization of active spermatozoid count, pyospermia either disappears or markedly decreases;
  • improvements were noted in 97-99% of gynecologic patients: improvement of general condition, decreased neurotic manifestations of certain diseases, markedly decreased pains in pelvis, normalization of menstrual cycle, improved workability, restoration of sexual function and fertility. 40% of patients treated for infertility reported pregnancy and normal delivery.

Highly effective is mud cure in patients with osteochondrosis and radiculitis. 96% of patients report decreased pain, prolonged remission (8 months – 1 year), less frequent exacerbation with decreased manifestations. 85% of patients with condition after brain injury noted normalization of sleep, absence of headaches, improved emotional and will component, improved mood. 60% patients with spinal cord injuries noted improvement of pelvic functions, 58% – healing and improvement of decubitus after plastic surgeries performed in the sanatorium.


How to get there

– Nearest airport

Internatinal Aiport Simferopol (SIP)

– By train
From Kyiv: train #597
From Moscow: train #17

– By bus
From Simferopol railwais station goes buses every 30 min. (en route – 1 h)

Sanatoriums in Saki