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In contrast to spa resorts that appeared spontaneously immediately by the mineral water streams, a place for Polyana health resort complex to be built on was thoroughly selected. So the resort is located perfectly. The spa resort is built upon the north-east mountainside of the Volcano chain, on the right bank of the Velyka Pynya river, in the Tykhyy tract.

From all sides it is surrounded by a forest. Along the left bank of the river there is an artifitial recreation park arranged that is 157 ha large, from ‘Sonyachne Zakarpattya’ Sanatorium to the north-east outskirts of Polyana village.

This is a quiet place to stay. It was once lovingly selected by the Austrian earl Schoenborn-Buchheim for his hunter’s house.

From the spa resort it is 1,7 km to the centre of Polyana village, 0,5 km to the nearest houses in the village, and 300-400 m to the river and to the road Svalyava-Perechyn-Uzhgorod. Along the road there are regular services from Svalyava to Uzhgorod and Perechyn, Olenyevo, Rodnykova Huta and Poroshkovo villages.


The major resort factor of the health resort is the aerated carbonaceous hydrocarbon sodium ‘Polyana Kvasova’ water of Nova-Polyana field, which contains boron and fluorine. By its structure and medicinal properties the water is similar to the Borjomi minaral waters. Though the concentration of the dissolved minerals in it is twice higher, the quantity of carbon dioxide is 50 % more, and the quantities of boron and fluorine are biologically active.

Taking into consideration the chemical composition, scientific researches and clinical observations, it is recommended to drink it when suffering from:

  • chronic esophagitises, gastritis with either high, neutral and low acidity, erosive and other duodenitis, stomach and duodenal ulcer;
  • enteritis, colitis; pancreatitis; cholecystitis, angiocholitis, hepatitis, hepatosis;
  • postcholecystectomic and other syndromes;
  • alimentary canal dyskinesia;
  • diabetes mellitus, gout, alimentary obesity, hyperlipidemia;
  • urinary diathesis, urinary system chronic inflammatory diseases;
  • symptoms of depression, hypochondria; abstinent syndrome of getting out of the habit of smoking;
  • medicinal hunger for decreasing presentations of acidosis, and other states accompanied by symptoms of hyperacidism.

Medical indications for treatment:

  • Reflux-esophagitis
  • Chronic gastritis, chronic gastroduodenitis
  • Stomach functional disorders
  • Stomach and duodenal ulcer
  • Operated stomach diseseases
  • Chronic enterocolitis and colitis, dyskinesia, diarrhea
  • Liver, bile ducts and gall-bladder diseases
  • Chronic pancreatitis
  • Diabetes mellitus
  • Urinary diathesis
  • Recreation


How to get there

– Nearest airport

Polyana is located 10 km from Svaliava. A bus goes from the Svaliava bus station (50 m in front of the railway station) every hour (en route 30 min.). Please, be careful: no signs in English or other languages, bus station employees do not speak English, a bus schedule can be changed. The best way to get hotel in Polyana is to order a private transfer or taxi (EUR 3-8 per car).

– By train (till Svaliava station)
From Kyiv: trains ##7, 13, 15, 81, 99
From Lviv: trains ##7, 13, 15, 81, 99, 807, 809, 829
From Odesa: train #108
From Uzhgorod: trains ##13, 15, 81, 99, 107, 829
From Moscow: train #15
From Budapest: train #16
From Belgrad: train #272