1. How online booking of hotel is carried out?

First it is necessary to choose hotel, sanatorium, hostel or other property in section “Accommodation” on our site. If the description of hotel arranges you, it is necessary to press the orange link “Details” in the bottom right corner of the description of hotel. You will get on personal page of hotel where can see the description of rooms, photos of hotel, and also the price for the current period. If the prices approach you, it is necessary to press the button “Book this hotel” under the table with the prices. You will get on page “Order Form”, which you have to fill out. Attention!!! If in the Order Form there is no e-mail address, the order is not accepted to consideration.

2. How online booking of tour is carried out?

If you want to book a tour, it is necessary to fill “Order Form”, having marked that tour, which you need. Whether for this purpose it is necessary in section“Additionaly” to answer “Yes” on a question “Need tours”, thus there will be a list of tours. You can mark one or several tours.

3. Is it possible to book services by a telephone?

No. All orders are accepted only at filling of the “Order Form” or by e-mail (for partner firms).

4. Whether it is necessary to reserve services in advance?

It is necessary to reserve all services beforehand. We can guarantee accommodation at hotel, sanatorium or hostel at booking not less, than 20 days prior to your arrival, and during a high season – not less, than 40 days prior to arrival.

5. How I can pay for the booked services?

The most operative and safe variant of payment is online payment by a credit card. Also we accept payments in Hryvnya, USD and EUR by a bank transfer. More detailed information about payment you can see in our Terms & Conditions.

6. Is the Client`s Contract concluding?

In case of filling of the “Order Form” you are automatically obliged to familiarize with our Terms & Conditions. If you do not agree with these Conditions cannot carry out a booking. In case of the order by e-mail or by fax, we conclude with the client the contract in a “paper” kind.