Jewish pilgrims travel to Israel. Throughout the history of Israel and the Jewish people Jerusalem, and until 70 CE the Temple itself, was the centre of religious activity in Israel. Thousands of Jews travel to the Wailing Wall (HaKotel) to pray, make requests, swear oaths (nedarim) or place notes or supplications between the stones of the wall. Jewish pilgrims from all over the world also visit  holy tombs of Tzedakkim in Tiberias and Safed. Based on the extensive experience of working with Jewish pilgrims both in Ukraine and in Israel, we offer you a our tour package:


8 day The Holy Land Jewish Pilgrimage Tour

Jewish Pilgrimage

Holy Land, the place where the people of Israel came after years of wandering in the desert, the place where the First and Second Temples stood, a place where the graves of the prophets and the righteous are, the place where you want to visit more than once. Join our discounted 8 day piligrimage group tour to pray at HaKotel and see the King David’s grave in Jerusalem, visit ancient Qumran and Massada Fortress, get a trip to graves of the righteous in Tiberias and Safed. Tiyul bebraha vetov!

Accommodation: Jerusalem (3 nights), Tel Aviv (1 night), Tiberias (3 nights)
Excursions: Jewish Jerusalem, Masada-Qumran-Dead Sea, Tel Aviv-Jaffa, Tzedakkim Tombs in Tiberias and Safed, Ramat HaGolan
Extra excursions: Ramat HaGolan Wine Tasting
Price from: USD 800 per 1 pax