We invite all guests of Netanya to join us on the unique Magical Diamond Tour – a free guided tour to Tel Aviv-Jaffa, one of the most interesting and beautiful cities of Israel. We invite all the guests of Netanya to our comfortable air conditioned bus. You will visit the most interesting sights of Tel Aviv-Jaffa:

  • Old Jaffa, one of the world’s oldest cities and home to the oldest seaport in the world. Among the main attractions of Old Jaffa are its restored Ottoman-era lanes, lined with galleries, Judaica shops, Gan HaPisga – the Summit Garden with its fabulous view of Tel Aviv, the Kedumim Square visitors center, and the authentic fishing port for strolling and dining. Important Christian sites in Old Jaffa include the Church of Saint Peter, which dates back to the 17th century and the House of Simon the Tanner. The flea market and more shopping is near the landmark Ottoman clock tower.
  • The Harry Oppenheimer Diamond Museum, located in the heart of the Israeli diamond complex in Ramat Gan, serves as a showcase for the diamond industry in Israel. The visitor to the Museum is taken on an exciting virtual journey. He is guided by experts who illuminate the versatile facets of the diamond – how diamonds are created, different mining systems, stages of cutting and polishing, diamond trade and its conduct, characteristics and usage of diamonds in jewelry and industry.
  • At the Tel-Aviv Diamond Center you will be given the unique opportunity to experience the fine diamond jewellery collection from the world’s renowned manufacturers. You will be granted with an inside look at the world’s famous Israeli Diamond Exchange, one of the leading diamond exchanges in the all world. A place accessible to a chosen few!

Diamond-tourArrivals: every Sunday and every Thursday at 13:00

Duration: 5 h 

Place: your hotel in Netanya or Independence Square (Kikar HaAtzmaut)

Price: free of charge (sponsored by the Tel-Aviv Diamond Center)

Contact: concierge / receptionist at your hotel

Groups from 8 persons: +972-54-7169234 (Alex)