Brief information

People go to Kolomyia for the different reasons: for study, for shoping, for work, to visit theatre, museums, etc. Probably, even simply to get acquainted with this town. Kolomyia is a real tresure because it can offer the visitors more, than the majority of them expects.

Kolomyia is situated in South-East part of Ivano-Frankivsk province, on half-roads between Ivano-Frankivsk and Chernivtsi. Owing to its successful arrangement tourists have named town “Gates of the Carpathians”. There passes the railway through Kolomyia. Except for it the basic tourist routes from the West on the East pass all through the town.

Practically at once the idea comes to a head: Kolomyia has especial, unique atmosphere: the life here boils, it is a lot of youth, reigns revival, but there is no vanity; there are both sedate petty bourgeoises, and strange enough with a kind “masters of a life”. Sit down for a little table any of street small restaurants and observe public defiling by you.

By the way, about a pedestrian zone. Local residents by the right are proud of her. It covers a historical kernel of city; here a Vidrodzhennya (Revival) square (a former Market square), and the main Chornovola street  (Vidrodzhennya Ave.), and it is a lot of that else. It is the cosiest corner of city: people willingly walk here, meet, briskly and pleasantly talk, here is a paradise for fans of purchases, it is possible and to have a rest in the middle of a surrounding crowd here. Already almost nobody turns around here, having heard foreign language. Visitors from the distant countries became a habitual picture.

Pysanka Museum

To visit Ukraine and to not bring its well-known pysanka? It is impossible. In fact the easter egg painted by especial way is not only a symbol of a great Christian holiday in Ukraine. It is some kind of “trade mark”, a subject which at once will remind you of your travel because such do not do more anywhere…

Master in each region of Ukraine use different technics of a pysanka painting  which bear in itself deep symbolism still pre-christian times. All history of this ancient Ukrainian art is displayed in the form of pysanka in the Kolomyia`s museum. There are more than 10 thousand pysankas from all regions of the country in an exposition of a unique museum. Some copies were kept since 19 cent. Pysankas – empty eggs, or made of a tree or a semiprecious stone – paint with especial paints with prints of curative grasses, decorate by multi-coloured thread and beads. Sometimes pysanka is the real  enamelled or gilding with jewelry treasure.


How to get there

– Nearest airport

International Airport Ivano-Frankivsk (IFO)

– By train

From Kyiv: train #59
From Lviv: trains ##59, 136, 608, 668
From Odesa: train #136
From Moscow: train #59
From Sofia: train #59
From Bucharest: train #59