truskavets01Brief information

Truskavets is the most unique and attractive balneological health resort in Ukraine. It is situated in a picturesque valley to the north of the Eastern Carpathian foothills at an altitude of 350 meters above sea level. This is a city of special natural beauty with pure, clean air nestled between wooded slopes and gently flowing rivers. The resort lies at the distance of 100km to the south of Lviv and 90 km from the western border of Ukraine. The railway connects it with the biggest cities of Ukraine, as well as the former Soviet republics and Baltic republics. Electric trains, buses and minibuses run from Truskavets to Lviv, where there is an international airport. Great supplies of underground mineral waters from 14 natural springs and the world`s only deposits of so-called `mountain wax`, ozocerite, are concentrated on the territory of Truskavets. The health resort enjoys great popularity. Every year nearly 200 000 people from the whole of Ukraine and abroad come here to be treated and relax.

Truskavets has gained its popularity due to the healing water `Naftusya` of the Truskavets deposit. This is weakly mineralized hydrocarbonate calcium-magnesium mineral water with a high content of organic petroleum substances. These organic substances that give `Naftusya` medical qualities are quickly destroyed when exposed to the air. For this reason, it is advisable to drink `Naftusya` in the Main Water Pump Room only. Nowadays it is difficult to find water with the same medicinal effect. `Naftusya` promotes the removal of small stones from kidneys, gall-bladder, urinary and bile ducts, diminishes the danger of stone formation, normalizes the metabolism especially the carbohydrate metabolism in patients suffering from diabetes, improves the activity of the alimentary tract and pancreas, restores liver cells and removes radionuclides and toxins from the body. Thanks to its immunomodulating properties, it increases the defensive powers of the body and prevents oncological diseases.

  • The chloride-sulphate-sodium water of spring 1, named `Mariya`, reduces gastric secretion, improves the motor function of the intestines, intensifies gall production and excretion, and diminishes inflammation and spastic phenomena of the alimentary canal.
  • The chloride-sulphate-sodium water of spring 2, commonly called `Sophiya`, stimulates gastric secretion, has a marked positive effect on the gall system, and normalizes the motor function of stomach and intestine. It is used for the accompanying diseases of the alimentary canal, namely chronic gastritis with reduced secretion, and chronic colitis.
  • The mineral water `Yusya` is a genuine fountain of beauty. It`s natural glycerin content rejuvenates the skin and makes it extraordinarily smooth and elastic.

Complete treatment at our health resort includes one more unique method – ozocerite therapy. The only deposit of ozocerite in the world lies just 4km away from Truskavets in the town of Boryslav. Ozocerite has antiseptic and analgesic effects and improves blood circulation in the afflicted area.

Evidence of treatment:

  • Gastroenterological diseases,
  • Urological diseases,
  • Infringement of a substance exchange,
  • Osteohondrotis, artroses and arthrities of all joints in a stage of remission,
  • Inflammantory diseases of female sexual sphere organs,
  • Paradontosis


How to get there

– Nearest airport
– By train
From Kyiv: train #49
From Lviv: train #49 and domestic electric trains
– By bus
From Lviv railway station arrive buses every hour (en route – 1 h 30 min.)