khmilnyk06Brief information

Welcome to one of the most prestigious spa resorts in Ukraine – Khmilnyk, Vinnitsia province. 8 sanatoriums for 5 thousand of patients have grown among landscapes of Podolie for rather short time. Over 70 thousand of people are treated at the spa resort every year. Spa resort Khmilnyk is called a pearl of solar Ukraine and the treasury of health now. The birth of Khmilnyk as balneological resort was connected with the discovery of de-posit of mineral water near the town. In 1934 hydrogeological expedition was invited from Kiev to find drinking water in the center of Khmilnyk. But water extracted from the depth of 65 m was lain, rigid and salt.

The source has attracted attention of scientists from Ukrainian research institute and the Institute of geology of the Academy of Sciences of Ukraine. After careful investigations of water the emanations of radium – radonium, were discovered along with free carbonic acid, nitrogen, calcium, natrium, potassium, magnesium, manganese, iron, hydrocarbonatiums, chlorine, sulfates, iodium, brom, cobalt, saline and albumoid ammonium tar sub-stances and other minerals and microelements. By its mineral and gas components the water in Khmilnyk was classified as radonium, carbonate, hydrocarbonate-chlorid-calcium-sodium mineral water with the high contents of manganese that undoubtedly had balneological value. In 1936 the scientists of the Ukrainian research institute of spa science and physiotherapy developed first indications for treatment with radonium water and then first small sanatorium with hydropathy was open. In 1961 it started working sanatorium as “Khmelnik” for 950 patients.

Treatment term – 24 days, 18 days.

Radonium therapy

Radonium -it is a product of radioactive decomposition of radium, quickly working isotope (T ?=3.8 days) belongs to the group of inert gases. The main active factor of radonium – alfa-radiation which has some therapeutically properties for treatment of peripheral neural system diseases, diseases of musculo-sceletal system, gynecological, vascular system, skin diseases and post burning complications.. During reception of radonium baths the unstable products of decomposition of radonium form an active deposit on skin, whose concentration increases because of easy movements of the patient in the bath or the pool. It is densely fixed on the skin and holds there for 2-3 hours. When the patient, takes the bath, he is irradiated with radonium, which penetrates the skin and lungs into the blood. Radonium baths and treatment in pools are prescribed depending on the disease and general health condition of the patient. Patients take them in specially equipped bathrooms where there are the optimums sanitary – hygienic conditions ensuring necessary temperature, humidity and sufficient air exchange.

The scientific researches which had been carried out at the resort for many years, and the acquired experience have enabled to develop and ground certain methods of treatment with radonium baths, which are prescribed as general bath, sitting bathes and local (2- and 4-chamber), vertical, pearl baths, and also in a pool with underwater vertebral vertical traction. Radonium baths uses effectively for gynecological instillations and hydro massage of gums.

Because ionize irradiation of radonium baths positively influences the central nervous system, reconstruct and counterbalance processes of excitation and relaxation. Baths reduce pain syndrome, normalize sleep. The curing medical effect of radonium procedures is ensured with their expressed analgesic, anti-inflammatory and calming effect. Under their influence there comes positive changing in vascular system. The number of heartbeat reductions decreases, blood pressure is reduced, which creates conditions for improvement in the whole cardiac activity, release of peripheral vascular diseases. So radonium bathes bring on therapeutic effect. last years they enter in a complex of recovering treatment for the patients with traumas of musculo-sceletal system, actively influence function of adrenal, stimulate secretion of special hormones, that conducts to reinforcement of immune forces of organism.

Underwater verterbral traction in pool with radonium water is effective applied for the patients with vertebral osteochondrosis. Radonium baths are useful for treatment of patients with dysmetabolism, podagra, diabetes mellitus and obesity. Radonium baths are very useful for treatment of patients with damaged skin. They improve the metabolism and have anti-inflammatory effect. The patients do not only easily take Radonium baths, but also they improve the action of other effective factors of balneotherapy.


How to get there

– Nearest airports
– By train
From Kyiv: trains ##55, 623
From Moscow: train #55
– By bus
From Kyiv Central Bus Station (metro Demiivska) goes some buses (en route – 5 h 30 min.)