Health Resort Khmilnyk

Welcome at one of the most prestigious spa resorts in Ukraine – “Khmilnik”, Vinnitsia province. 8 sanatoriums for 5 thousand of patients have grown among landscapes of Podolie for rather short time. Over 70 thousand of people are treated at the spa resort every year. Spa resort “Khmilnik” is called a pearl of solar Ukraine and the treasury of health now. The birth of “Khmilnik” as balneological resort was connected with the discovery of de-posit of mineral water near the town. In 1934 hydrogeological expedition was invited from Kiev to find drinking water in the center of Khmilnik. But water extracted from the depth of 65 m was lain, rigid and salt.


Health Resort Myrgorod

The town was founded either in the 12th or 13th centuries as an eastern border fort of Kievan Rus’. According to legend, the fort was a place of peace negotiations that gave it its name (literally the City of Peace). Myrhorod was first mentioned in chronicles in 1575 when Stephen Bathory, King of Poland made it a regiment city. According to some historians, there was an earlier mentioning of the city in 1530, when the city coat of arms were established – yellow cross over an eight-pointed star, which signifies the victory of Christianity over Islam.


Health Resort Polyana

In contrast to spa resorts that appeared spontaneously immediately by the mineral water streams, a place for Polyana health resort complex to be built on was thoroughly selected. So the resort is located perfectly. The spa resort is built upon the north-east mountainside of the Volcano chain, on the right bank of the Velyka Pynya river, in the Tykhyy tract. From all sides it is surrounded by a forest. Along the left bank of the river there is an artifitial recreation park arranged that is 157 ha large, from ‘Sonyachne Zakarpattya’ Sanatorium to the north-east outskirts of Polyana village. This is a quiet place to stay. It was once lovingly selected by the Austrian earl Schoenborn-Buchheim for his hunter’s house.


Health Resort Saki

Saki silt sulphide mud is unique for its content: it contains biologically active substances, stimulators, hormone-like substances, natural antibiotics, vitamins, and microelements. This combination makes Saki mud a unique natural recourse. According to people who underwent Dead Sea treatment prior to Saki, medical effect from Saki mud was even better. For 1,5 century`s chemical content of the mud remains stable, which is maintained by natural conditioning under brine layer protecting the mud from external intrusions. Stable chemical content guarantees its high quality and therapeutic value in natural environment – Saki resort.


Health Resort Truskavets

Truskavets is the most unique and attractive balneological health resort in Ukraine. It is situated in a picturesque valley to the north of the Eastern Carpathian foothills at an altitude of 350 meters above sea level. This is a city of special natural beauty with pure, clean air nestled between wooded slopes and gently flowing rivers. The resort lies at the distance of 100km to the south of Lviv and 90 km from the western border of Ukraine. The railway connects it with the biggest cities of Ukraine, as well as the former Soviet republics and Baltic republics. Electric trains, buses and minibuses run from Truskavets to Lviv, where there is an international airport. Great supplies of underground mineral waters from 14 natural springs and the world`s only deposits of so-called `mountain wax`, ozocerite, are concentrated on the territory of Truskavets.